In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation in Accra, Ghana

 Health and Wellness Awareness in

Accra Ghana

 Partnership with designer, Samuel Bruce Boateng Sandarble Art, handmade Awareness Art and Jewelry. Mr..Boateng has created Awareness Art and Jewelry to bring awareness to quality health and healing in Ghana and around the Globe. 

ITSE foundation is also in negotiations to partner  with

Gender Centre for Empowering Development (Genced)

to bring empowerment and awareness of   health and wellness  with a focus on rising issues of disease; Child development, diabetes, hypertension and malaria in Accra, Ghana and surrounding communities. 

Art Supplies for Sandarble Art Youth Empowerment

Donations of medical supply, medical education, nutrition and funding will assist in

The Ghana Mission 

Any purchase of  ITSE awareness art, jewelry and products a percentage goes to Ghana to

 President, Terry Staples

Vice President, Crystal Manning


Dr. Paulette Hurd

Crystal Manning

Pastor W.Campbell

Founder, Antoinette Titus

If you have questions about

Donations and Sponsors contact:

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3824 Cedar Springs #401

Dallas , Texas 75219

ITSE will not share, sell or rent your name or personal information.

Upcoming events 

Health and Wellness Convention 

Get Fit with Microsoft 


ITSE Foundation NEWS and Upcoming Events

  • June 4th, Youth Get Fit with Crystal Manning and Microsoft at the Microsoft store in North Park Mall Dallas Tx, fom 1pm-3pm age 5-18 years of age
  • June 11th Health and Wellness at Joqs Wellness Center 300 N Akard Dallas Texas, come out to this free event for family and Health Wellness. Vendors are welcome contact 877-775-8725
  • June 25th Health and Wellness at the Dow Center in Saginaw Michigan, come out to this free event for family and Health Wellness. Vendors are welcome contact 877-775-8725
  • Purchase Awareness Art and Jewelry designed and handcrafted by Samuel Bruce Boateng, Accra, Ghana




In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation

is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded through government, foundation, corporate, and individual support. established in 2015.

Contributions are tax deductible. Your donations will help fund our program and allow In The Spirit Entertainment Foundation.

In The Spirit Entertainment Foundation is to produce a quality of entertainment of highest professional standards that promote culture, family and healthy lifestyles. 


Help us to improve health and wellness

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent health issues and improve mental sharpness for youth and adults.

Community Outreach 

Health and Wellness Clinics

In-School Education Campaign

(ITSE Champion Tour)

K-12th grade 

In-Elderly Education
(ITSE Embrace Tour)
Adults 65 & over
Nutrition Campaign 
5K and Walka-thon's
Thanksgiving Baskets giveaway
Toys Drive for Christmas
Medical donations and Health donations

ARTS: Film, Documentaries, TV, Plays

Inspiration Tour 

Acting and Art classes 

 will help fund our program and allow In The Spirit Entertainment Foundation to continue our mission. 



ITSE Foundation

GOALS for 2017-2018 

The Mentoring ITSE Champion Tour

 goal serve 500 + students

Mentoring ITSE Embrace Tour

goal serve 200 + elderly

Health and Wellness clinic

goal serve 2000 + individuals


Goal serve 2000 + individuals 


Summer Youth Empowerment

500 + youth 

 Please provide feedback on awareness goals and how ITSE served you! 

Goal Cards  print, fill out and fax or email results

Thank you